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Welcome to our Digital Event! Come on in to find a world of overseas property and advice.
We are hosting a month-long programme of webinars and giving you the chance to chat live to
overseas property experts through our exhibitor pages.

Our new Digital Event gives you the chance to:

Join webinars and put your questions to our panels of experts

Book individual Zoom meetings with our exhibitors around the world

Visit our exhibitor pages for virtual tours and to download property and service information

Drop into our A Place in the Sun helpdesk and talk to the team

Take a look at today’s webinar schedule below…for the full schedule visit the Hub.

Watch our recorded webinars at the Hub

We have now completed our ambitious schedule of 52 webinars throughout September… drop into the Hub to see how they all went!

Where next?

The Hub

Find everything you need to at the Hub – a constant resource with daily webinars where you can join our panel of industry experts as they discuss all the latest property pricing and offer tips and advice for buying overseas.

Help Desk

Do you have any questions for the A Place in the Sun team? If so, head on over to the help desk where we will do our best to answer your question. Not sure which exhibitors to speak to? We can direct you to the relevant companies. 

Meet the Exhibitors

Meet our exhibitors, overseas property experts  from around the world. With live-chat options, virtual property tours, downloadable information and contact forms, you choose how you want to have your conversation.

What is this digital event?

Due to our current circumstances, and with the safety of our guests and exhibitors foremost in our minds, we are not running our regular A Place in the Sun Live exhibitions this autumn – the world has changed and so have we. Instead, we wanted to bring you all the fun of an exhibition… online. Talk to our exhibitors via Zoom calls, join our live webinars from the comfort of your sofa, watch virtual property tours and download brochures… all the fun of a live exhibition but in a totally safe environment.
Come on in and see how it works!