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Medousa Developers in Cyprus has a large and diverse portfolio of completed and partially completed stunning new homes for sale, including Cypress Park Retirement Village, the first of its kind in Cyprus.

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About Medousa Developers

Medousa Developers founded in 2002 and is a well-established, privately owned, and solvent Construction and Property Development Company. Medousa Developers is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commence & Industry, ETEK (Cyprus Scientific & Technical Chamber and the Cyprus Land and Building Developers Association.

Over the past two decades, we have achieved an impressive track record in building both large commercial projects for the Government and international companies such as McDonalds; as well as hotels, supermarkets, factories, and industrial buildings. Again and again, we have proved our success and strength in the marketplace completing complex works on time, to budget and to the highest standards of construction.

We have also a high profile in the domestic market, with a large and diverse portfolio of completed and partially completed stunning new homes for sale as well as exciting projects, that meet our clients’ needs for new, modern homes that not only look good, but are built with our own special brand of total quality, which is never compromised.
We consistently meet and beat our customers’ expectations. This is, in part, attributed to our “hands on” management style. The Partners of the company are totally involved on a day to day basis, leading the team from the top and by example. Medousa’s commitment therefore is not only to its clients, but to its team of professional staff.

Medousa Developers, quite simply, will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. It is that one goal which drives both management and staff to achieve success through our clients satisfaction. Our business integrity is echoed in that success and also the pleasure in the knowledge that our reputation continues to grow and strengthen further.

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