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I am a Mortgage and Later Life Broker who specialises in releasing funds from your properties in the UK to purchase the property of your dreams.

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About Carol Galvin - Mortgage and Equity Release Adviser at Mortgage Experience

With many years of experience as an adviser, I specialise in Equity Release which allows homeowners aged 55+ to release TAX FREE CASH from their home to be used to purchase their dream home in the sun. Our Scheme providers are based in the UK therefore no fluctuation of currency, and fixed rates throughout the life of the mortgage. Modern Equity Release schemes are fully regulated by the FCA and backed by the Equity Release Council (which I am a member of) providing you with a no negative equity guarantee, meaning your debt can never exceed the value of your home.  You have the flexibility to make interest payments if you wish.  For more information please contact Carol Galvin on 07594 761017. Lifetime Mortgages may affect means-tested or state benefits and can affect the inheritance you may leave.

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Release TAX FREE CASH to purchase the dream home in the sun


Homeowners aged 55+ can apply


We are members of the Equity Release Council - no negative equity guarantee


Can pay any interest each month to avoid debt from increasing


Fixed Rate throughout the life of the scheme with no fluctuation of currencies


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